MEDIA NETWORK INTWelcome to the Media network international careers section. We are a progressive, forward- looking organization and always seeking exceptional and talented individuals to join us.
Media network international is a dynamic, fast paced environment delivering content across television, radio, publishing and digital media.

Our commitment at Media network international is to find the best and brightest talent to help drive our business and develop the best content.  We balance our talent needs between developing our internal staff and sourcing talent externally to the company.
Media network international welcomes applications from expatriates, regardless of age, gender or religion.
We balance a commitment to developing our current staff with the need to source talented individuals externally.
The recruitment team of Media network international evaluates every CV received for each position against the competencies and specific requirements of the position.  We will contact you if your skills and experience match our requirements for specific roles in the company or our operating divisions.
Media network international believes that training and development contributes to a highly motivated and professional workforce who will deliver high performance to make Media network international grow in success and value.
The objective of the Media network international training and development policy is to enable all staff to develop to their full potential in relation to achieving the company’s long and short-term objectives, and to gain increasing job satisfaction from using more of their abilities and talents at work.
Every employee has a responsibility for his/ her own learning and development, in order to improve performance. This will be achieved by employees in conjunction with their manager by continuously monitoring their skills, identifying developmental needs and implementing formal training when required or encouraging self directed learning when applicable.
Apply now to become part of the Media network international send your CV at.