ather khurramDr Muhammad Ather Khurram is one of the most famous and leading Pakistani journalist, editor, media personality, columnist, and political analyst. he joined the Journalism in 1992 when he was just 15 years old, currently he is Chief Executive Officer of Media Network International and Chief Operating Officer of all operations, projects and TV channels and chief editor of all newspapers, periodicals and magazines of Media Network International in Pakistan,
He has held various important positions in print and electronic media, during his career he was Editor and Chief Editor of many National Newspapers, he also served as a Executive Editor of Daily Asas, Daily Lashkar, Daily Masafat, Daily Taqat, Daily Times of Pakistan, Daily Jang, Daily Samundri News, Daily Muhib e Watan, Daily Sadaqat, Daily Inqilab, Daily Pakistan, Express news and many newspapers, periodicals and magazines.
he started his Daily “Taqat” as a Chief Editor in 22-12-1992 and monthly magazine “Good Friend” in 1995. in 2000 he started another Daily “Masafat” as a Chief Executive and pioneer Editor, he introduced the techniques of “News, layout and specially printing of newspapers”.
he also wrote many articles on government corruption, he writes columns under titles “Teer e Neem Kush”, “Be Mausami Ghunchay”, “Gar Giran Na Guzray”, “Sadaqat” and “Gosh Guzariyan”, he also wrote english columns “Revealing Truth” for international newspapers and news websites, his many English columns print in various international newspapers, periodicals and magazines, His Urdu columns gets translated in English, Arabic, Sindhi and Pashto for various international and local publications and it is widely read, his many articles was used for reference in foreign Media.
He is mostly respected for his in depth and fair analysis and he has been continuously rated as one of the best in Pakistan. His 25 years of experience in print and electronic media spans an illustrious career’s many milestones. He is former editor and chief editor of many national newspapers and has done extensive news, reporting and editorial writing for many prestigious papers.
ATHER KHURRAMHe is PhD in Mass Communication and Gold Medalist in Master of computer Sciences and Master of Business Administration and information technology, he is regularly giving lectures to Mass communication students in various universities and a frequent speaker at many media conferences in across Pakistan and internationally,
he is pioneer and one and only Pakistani journalist having strong followers on social media and he is also pioneer and one and only Pakistani journalist having actively several’s social media sites simultaneously.
his more than two and half decades long career of journalism In print and electronic media is full of milestones and it is best known nationally for his prestigious work in news, views, analysis, editorial, articles, columns and Current Affairs program ,
He also has a current affairs program AK WITH AK, Aaj Kal with Ather Khurram and Wijdan a unique program on spiritualism, Sufism and Islam on 4 News TV, channel 22 news and many other channels.
Dr Muhammad Ather Khurram is author of 4 best selling and famous books, his first book “Azaan Kay Baad” was published in 1998 and his updated edition published many time till now, his second book “Haqeeqat E Mohabbat” was published in 2000, his third book “ROTI” was published in 2016, this is also a best selling book and its 3 updated editions has been published,his fourth book “TAQDEER” was also published in 2016.
He also published many books as a publisher and promoted many authors.
He is also
Chairman of Think Tank of Pakistan,
Chairman of Pakistan institute of Media Sciences,
Chairman general council of South Asian Columnist Council,
President of Institute of Modern Media,
General Secretary of Institute of National Affairs,
General Secretary of Institute of Media & Politics,
General Secretary of Institute of Media and Society,
General Secretary of Pakistan Media Forum and many others national and international organizations, 

He can be reach at

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